Installing Attractive Wood Swing

when you have large backyard in your house you can add playground for your children with installing an attractive wood swing,it is going to be a excellent spot for the children to play. You need not be confused how you can install it with your backyard because usually there are some instructions that you can install a wood swing.

Let’s begin to install the attractive wood swing with the fabulous instructions. First, use two legs of wood then drill holes in each legs then insert galvanized bolt to the holes and secure it with two nuts as well as to wash protect the bolts with extending each bolt about 1.5 inches from each side of the legs.

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Second, make marks by using spade on the ground to frame the place to install the legs then dug holes about 16 inches or more if the weather is cold, after you insert the legs to the holes tamp it with the soils or rocks to hold the legs properly. Third, use drill machine to make holes on the plank wood to attach the rope on it. Fourth, set the rope on the plank wood to the horizontal wood on the legs and finish.

Those are some instructions to install attractive swing wood at your back yard for your children. If you like this post, you can share it with your friends.